Thursday, December 22, 2005


I've been reading so many other blogs lately that I've decided to start my own. Some days there might actually be quilting-related content - some days there might not....

Bear with my while I get the hang of all this; I'm just computer-literate enough to be dangerous! It's hard to believe I actually have a degree in computers (well, actually a Business Admininstration degree with a major in Computer Programming). Back in the day, our biggest issue was learning DOS commands and pulling reports off the mainframe! Things sure have changed in the last 20 years and now I seem to be hanging on by my toenails.....

I went in to Best Buy on Wednesday to buy a $15 gift card for a nephew for Christmas. Somehow, my feet wandered over to the computer section - thinking I would look up on old work colleague who now works there. I've been thinking about this laptop thing for about a week or so, but knew I really shouldn't be spending the money right now. Back in the spring when we hooked our home computer up to DSL, they sent us a wireless router. Okay. No big deal. We are about as hard-wired as they come. Since I am also trying to teach myself to update my web pages, I had this revelation in the middle of the night. What if I had a laptop (which ALL come with wireless connections these days) and could work on the web site at home? Between Russ and Audrey, there's not a snowball's chance in Hades of using the home computer after hours. So, I talked to the resident expert at Best Buy (who was probably all of 24 years old) and asked some questions. Just asking, doncha know. A little more information couldn't hurt....
"So, these come with a wireless connection?"
"Oh, yes."
"I have this wireless router at home - would a this laptop be able to talk to it?"
"Oh, sure. It will detect the network automatically and you'll have no problem."
"Really? Just like that?"
"Uh-huh. You can walk into any Starbucks and be connected in an instant. (Obviously, this kid doesn't know I don't drink coffee or hang out at Starbucks. ) And this one is on sale and can be financed with no interest for 18 months. It would be perfect for you."

Well, gee! What was a girl to do? All that sweet talk about no interest had me swooning in the aisle. And my $15 gift card ended up costing me $1300 bucks.... I figure that 's about $80 a month and surely I can swing that?

Look at my new toy!

So, I get this bad boy home and turn it on. Sure enough, it automatically detects my wireless router in the house. It also detect's Bob's network aross the street, but I don't think he'd like me horning in. Let's hit the "connect" button. It then asks me for the password to the network. The what? What password? When I followed the idiot directions from SBC last spring, I don't remember anything about a password. Now, what have I got myself into? Who do I know that's geeky enough to figure this out? I then called my friend Susan's husband. Fred WORKS for SBC and I know he's got a wireless network in his house because I've seen him sitting on the couch with his laptop. So I call Fred. Tell him the situation and he begins spouting Geek-Speak. What? Theoretically, I understand what he's telling me, but I don't think I actually have the technical skills to pull it off. If I cook dinner one night next week, will you come fix this? Sure, but he's going pig hunting next week and is not available until Friday. Friday!!! But I want to play with my new toy NOW! (Some days, I'm just like a little kid...) Oh well, I guess the stupid must wait.

Well, I just couldn't stand it. Maybe if I hunted around on my home computer I might find a clue. Can you believe I figured it out? The modem came pre-configured with a password printed on the bottom of it and the help pages (written in actual English) had real help. I'm connected! I don't have to wait 10 days! I ran upstairs to tell Russell about my victory and was greeted with loud snoring. I guess I'll just have to gloat all by myself.

So, I now have the technology to be more efficient in my work. Do you think this is going to cut into my quilting time? Will I have to discipline myself? Self-discipline sucks. Have I become Alice in Wonderland who's going to be totally sucked down the rabbit hole? Only time will tell.

Stick with me - who knows where we'll go!


Anonymous Katie McClellan said...


I really enjoyed your blog! It's actually my first blog experience! I guess I need to go read my daughter's blog that she has set up, too!

By the way, I'm all for bartering also, so if you think of something you need that I can help with (except housework), I'll barter for fabric!

I absolutely LOVE your new toy. I've been dreaming of having one of those, too, but it will be a while!

I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas and a very properous 2006!

Katie McClellan

6:55 PM  

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