Saturday, December 24, 2005

One Sentence Says It All

I certainly agree with this sentiment!

This is a little stitchery I stitched last Spring with my friend Beckye in mind. I finished the framing last night. Does this count as a finished UFO? Beckye lives in Waxahachie and is one of my bestest friends. She doesn't quilt, but we became buddies back in the day when I collected Fire-King glassware with a vengeance. She has the ultimate collection and led me with her evil grin down that slippery slope of collecting. She is also a Master Gardner and one day I hope to be just like her - someday when I am kidless and jobless. She is my muse each spring. Anyway, we have started a tradition each Chrismas day where my family goes to her house, we visit, the guys play music, and then we eat at I-Hop - the only restaurant open in Waxahachie, TX on Christmas day. I made Beckye a table runner out of the vintage salt and pepper shaker fabric a couple of years ago, so I covered the picture mat with fabric to match. I am sure she will swoon with delight!

This is Sophie, my very pretty but dumb as a box of rocks kitty. She approves of the new computer. If I am working on something, she will find a way to sit in the middle of it!

Today is a busy day. The store will be open until 2, then I have to run Audrey to church to play her violin, and then we will go to Hurst to the Allen Family Christmas. Gotta run - the brownies for tonight are ready in the oven !

Happy Holidays to all -



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