Friday, September 19, 2008

No More Grillin'

Nope. We're not talking food here. We're talking orthodontia.

We visited the orthodontist this week - with the fervent hope that Audrey would be getting her braces off. Of course, Mom wanted to take a few photos.

Me: "Hey, Audrey! Let me take your picture!"
Her: "No! Talk to the hand!"
Me: "You're being a punk!"
Her: ""
The techs were all laughing at this exchange and they basically shamed her into actually smiling for a photo.


Dr. Crise did her check and declared her "done" and approved the removal of the braces. Although this was the plan for the day, I kept saying that it might not happen if everything wasn't all lined up properly.

The tech got her clippers and snip! Snip! Snip! Seconds later she was pulling out arch wires and all.

Everything came out in tact!

Now back in the day when I wore braces, each individual tooth was banded. It took HOURS to get everything pried off. I know you may find this photo a little bit gross, but I was fascinated by the advancement in technology!

After grinding all the glue off, we have a bright smile!


After looking at braces for 2 years, I still catch myself doing a double-take when she smiles. Isn't she pretty?

*Sorry for the squints and glares. The chairs face plate glass windows and the sun was shining bright!