Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Musings on Tuesday

After all my "but first..." procrastinations, I quilted and bound this shop sample quilt. It was pieced by Diane and is made with reproduction feedsacks. It's very sweet and I know where you can get a kit to make one just like it!

After dinner, I heard a rattle in a cupboard. Seems like Merle has taught Sophie how to open cabinet doors.

I went back into my sewing room. I pulled out a couple of UFO's to see how much more work they need. I need to quilt a block swap UFO to be used during a class as a sample. I couldn't get motivated because of the mess. It's kind of like the chicken and the egg. Do I finish UFO's before I clean up and reorganize, or do I clean up and reorganize before I start finishing things? Maybe I'll attempt to tackle this issue over New Year's. I got so overwhelmed that I went upstairs and watched "Stand By Me" with Russ.

He's never seen this movie and I found re-watching it rather poignant because of the ultimate death of River Phoenix. I enjoyed seeing Jerry O'Connell (who now plays cutie-patootie Woody Boyd on "Crossing Jordan") as an eleven year old kid with a lisp. We both enjoyed the movie and I highly recommend this oldie-but-goodie .

Have a great day,



Anonymous Mary said...

If you really have to finish something first - get some big bins from Big Lots put all the mess in them and stack them in the hall. With the space around you clear you will be able to focus on the quilts. Then bring the bins back one at a time and deal with the stuff.

I found I had much more storage space when I really organized my stuff rather than just dumping things in a drawer or throwing it in the closet.

I had operated under the delusion that I could actually sew my way out of the mess by finishing UFO's. It didn't work and once I organized I could finish much more easily.

12:58 PM  

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