Friday, March 03, 2006

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting....

Tonight was spent cutting all the rest of my red Twist and Shout blocks, including background and setting pieces. It's been a long time since I cut out an entire quilt in one shot. I tend to cut a while, then sew a while, then cut some more. During my sit-down spells, I must confess to piecing blocks....I have 7 blocks pieced now. But I was a good girl and put it all in a box for later. Maybe I will have some self control...

But then again, maybe not.



Blogger Finn said...

Hi Susan, welcome to the mavericks ring..*VBS* Sorry I missed your joining on the 24th. Usually Bonnie lets up know we have a new quilter...and maybe she did...I've missed quite abit this past month as I dealt with the eye problems.
BUT better late than never, I do welcome you. What is saw as I scrolled down to see where you had joined was wonderful!!

You know if I'd follow the link around the circle this kind of thing wouldn't happen to me...very red faced here in WI...sorry..*S*

10:30 AM  

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