Thursday, March 02, 2006

Long Time, No Sew

It seems like forever since I've sewn anything. I really haven't spent any time in my sewing room since last Friday. We had a huge sale on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and I've been too tired to do much of anything. Today was my day off and I spent most of it in bed with a headache. Major bummer...

We got a new pattern in at the shop - it's called Twist and Shout and is done by Pat Speth (of Nickel Quilts fame). Pat has begun publishing stand alone patterns based on nickel squares.

I was really drawn to this pattern - so I began rummaging in my stash and came up with this background fabric. I bought it at the guild garage sale and it's only 36" wide. No telling how old it is. Then I started digging in my "reds" - trying to come up with 32 reds in pieces big enough for the blocks. I have no business starting a new project, but I'm telling myself that this can be a new leaders/enders project for me. At least I'm busting stash, right?

I'm tired of coughing and ready to be at 100% again. I miss my sewing machine.



Blogger Laurie Ann said...

I like that pattern, I'll have to put it on my wish list for our spring shop hop. Busting stash is good and you definately should have a leader ender project started. Your logic makes perfect sense!!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Neat pattern! That cough, cold headache thing is going around here in Indiana also! Get plenty of rest and take care!

11:23 AM  
Blogger cher said...

oh, this pattern looks such fun! who could resist? Love the reds...hope you feel better by the time you read this!

9:38 PM  
Blogger cindyquilts said...

I really like this little jewel, thanks for sharing.
And ... get well!

1:02 AM  
Blogger Patti said...

What a fun quilt!

11:29 AM  

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