Monday, February 20, 2006

A Comment on Comments

Many of you have left me comments asking questions about my posts. First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to comment - it lets me know that you are actually reading what I write and I am not just a lonely voice in the wilderness.

BUT, Blogger is a funny animal. I cannot RESPOND privately to your comment because Blogger doesn't attach your e-mail address to the comment. So...I have two choices. I can answer questions in the comment section of the post on which you commented (that's kind of a convoluted sentence, isn't it?) or I can respond in another public post. PLEASE don't think I am ignoring you if you don't get a private reply - I'm not. I just don't know how to get hold of you. If you'd like for me to reply privately, you can click on "View Complete Profile" and send me a direct e-mail, or you can leave your e-mail address in your comment.

Now, to Brandi's question in the comments of my last post. Brandi wanted to know what I meant by leaders/enders. A leader/ender is a scrap of fabric or quilt pieces that you run through your machine at the beginning and ending of a set of chain pieces. This eliminates those long tails of thread that you either have to cut off later or that get sucked into your machine when you begin again. I used to use a scrap of fabric (think of it as a threadholder) when I ended chain piecing, but then I realized that I could be actually piecing BLOCKS instead of wasting thread on a scrap. Bonnie has an EXCELLENT tutorial on leaders/enders on her website here. People ask me how I get so many quilts finished with my crazy schedule. Leaders/enders is the answer. You have to do a little pre-cutting and planning, but I've been cutting up scraps into usable sizes for a couple of years now.

Brandi, I hope this helps.



Blogger Wasie said...

Susan, thanks for the link to the quiltville site on leaders/enders!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Wasie said...

Susan, thanks for the link to the quiltville site on leaders/enders! I was thinking about trying this. I have never tried it before. You guys are all inspiring me!! Muchas gracias.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Nancy said...

Somewhere in your settings for your blog there is an option to have comments sent to your personal email. Don't ask me where cause I'm technologically challenged but I ran across it one day when I was playing around. Anyway, if the person who leaves a comment does not have their email address blocked then you can reply to the comment privately that way. If they do have it blocked It shows up as or something like that. I figure if they block their email from me then they don't want a personal response.

And leaders/enders RULE! Only thing is sometimes I have problems keeping it as a leaders/enders project and have had it take over as my main project. But that's okay as I always have something in the background that can become a new leaders/enders.

3:52 PM  

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