Friday, December 30, 2005

The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday was a fun day. My husband and I got to spend some quality time together and then I spent the evening in the company of some really good girlfriends. All of our daughters are in the local orchestra program, so of course, after a couple of margaritas, we were able to solve ALL the worlds' problems! The only downside was when I asked the waiter to take our picture, the batteries in my camera had died. We plan to make this a regular get-together (although coordinating all of our schedules takes a little bit of mastery), so there will be another photo opportunity.

The reason I called this meeting in the first place was to toss out an idea for a signature quilt to be auctioned off at the annual Spring fundraiser. The plan met with approval and so I will now proceed with making the blocks. I'll share with you a photo when my camera batteries recharge.

Audrey had a friend sleep over last night, and Tori became sick at 4:00 am this morning. I was mopping the bathroom floor at 5:00am. Thought about staying up and quilting, but deciding to go back to sleep won out. The girls were supposed to go to a kids' cooking class this morning, and Audrey was devasted to realize the plan was a no-go. Maybe they can do it again sometime.

I have a quilt halfway finished on the Gammill and my plan for this evening was to finish it and bind it so that I can start my massive cleaning effort tomorrow after work. Between the slight over-indulgence last night and the multiple awakenings this morning, we'll see if I can keep my eyelids open once I get home....



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