Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Life Interrupted

Or, maybe it's Reality Sets In. I've been on such a roll since the start of the new year on cleaning up and organizing my sewing room and actually sewing on some old things hanging around the studio. I've been really energized and excited and getting things done.

Then reality hit. At work today, I realized that the Dallas Quilt Show is less than 60 days away. Am I ready? Nope. Have I planned out projects - samples- kits? Nope. At the rate of business these days, do I have the manpower to get everything done? Nope.

The Orchestra fundraiser is also in March. The signature blocks are all stitched. Have I prepped them for signatures? Nope. Have I contacted my volunteers to help me get signatures? Nope. Have I designed the logo block? Nope.

Do I need to get off my hind-end and get busy? Yep.

I hate it when life gets real.

Susan (who made 6 more scrap blocks last night.....for a total of 14)


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