Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Excavation

I found my cord to the camera! Here's a shot of the pie I made Saturday night. It's a lemon cream pie with real meringue. Just don't be too harsh...since I had to refrigerate it overnight, the meringue shrunk. But it had sugar beads on it the next morning! In my southern upbringing, sugar beads are the sign of a good meringue!

Okay, I kicked my own butt and finished up the clean sweep in my sewing room. I shut the door in order to keep the furballs out. I moved furniture around and swept the floors and vacuumed the area rugs. I even threw things away and emptied the trashcan. The room is now ready for me to begin work again.

The downside to cleaning up the clutter is finding projects that need attention. These are things outside of the UFOs that are properly stored in their little project bins waiting for me to get back to them. This is a quilt top that Audrey made. It's not big (about 38" x 45"), so it shouldn't take that long to finish. I got backing and binding for it today.

Another one of Audrey's tops - about the same size. Again, I got backing/binding for it today.

This is a quilt kit I picked up at the local guild meeting I attended in May. We do our own version of Quilts of Valor for soldiers at Ft. Hood. It's pre-cut squares of 4 fabrics of questionable quality. I had totally forgotten I had it. I drew up a plan in EQ6 just so I would know how to distribute the fabrics evenly. I don't have to quilt it - I can pass it back to the guild for someone else to quilt. A couple of hours should knock this out.
I also uncovered this kit that I won as a door prize at the Dallas Quilt Show in March. It's a Benartex Building Blocks kits - all the pieces are pre-cut and the instructions have several block suggestions and you get to decide what you want to make. The fabric is Christmas Cats....it doesn't really thrill me. Do I make it and donate it to charity, or do I pass it on as is?

I found a roll of fabrics that I bought at Moda several months ago...it was (50) 11"x20" pieces of sample yardage. I don't even know what line it is. Anyway, I took it to work on Saturday and cut it into tumblers using my new Accucut die-cut machine. So now I have 400 tumblers waiting to be made into something.

Then there's the quilt that I made after the fall Quilt Market in 2001. Made the top, had it quilted by my buddy Richard Larson, and used it as a display in the store. It still doesn't have binding. How hard would it be to get that done? Not long at all. I just need to do it. I'll show the front of the quilt when I get it done.

So, the $64,000 question is: Will I actually do all of these chores before I start a new project? I may have to spend my free time building an ark. It's still raining. And raining. And raining. I have a nice crop of mushrooms on the front lawn.

Time for bed. Peace out.


Blogger Karen said...

The die-cut machine sounds pretty neat.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Quilting Pirate said...

ooo if you pass the purr-fect christmas on, I would be interested - either a trade with fq's or money amount :D

Your list of UFO's is small compared to mine, but I know the feeling of cleaning and realizing you have more than you thought.

I have 6 bags of "items" to donate to freecycle!

7:18 AM  

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