Sunday, January 01, 2006

Progress - So Far...

I am making progress. I got a later start than I intended because work took longer than I expected. I worked for a while and then I went over to the neighbors house for a NYE glass of wine - we are truly a "fair-weathered" neighborhood and I hadn't visited with Bob and Debbie in a couple of months.

I've started in one corner and have pulled out all the clutter and cleaned and swept. I've decided not to work on cleaning out the contents of baskets - that will have to wait until Phase 2.

The table is looking better, but Merle still wants to sleep in the middle of it.

The living room - well, that's another story.

Haven't made any progress yet today - our DSL line was down this morning, and Russ wanted to go to the grocery store and get that chore over with.

I guess it's time to get cracking!



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