Monday, January 23, 2006

Ugly Ducklings and Swans

Judy L. had a post on her blog today about ugly fabric. She posted a picture of fabric that she deemed truly ugly. I told her that I kind of liked it - that cut up in the right quilt, it could be really striking. Told her that I am kind of partial to ugly fabric - I can see the swan inside the ugly duckling.

However, I also seem to have the ability to turn a swan into an ugly duckling. This is the result of 16 Amy Butler/Temple Flowers fat quarters transformed into a Scrappy Trips Around the World. Somehow, something got lost in translation. What I saw in my mind's eye didn't actually happen. It was fun and quick in the making, and I will make another one. I just won't do it with a grouping of fabrics with all the same value.

Isn't it funny how no matter how many quilts you make, how much experience you have, sometimes things go all to h**l - but instead of abandoning the project - finish it anyway. I would just bet that all the quilters you admire have made a few ugly ducklings. Just because only the swans get published or hung in quilt shows doesn't mean that ugly ducklings don't exist. My encouragement to you, dear reader, is FINISH your ugly ducklings. Examine them closely. Learn the lesson they want to teach you. Love them and move on. Obsession and negative self-talk only slows you down. SOMEBODY will love your quilt. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.



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