Thursday, February 09, 2006

I Smell a Meltdown A-Comin'...

Have you ever had one of those days where EVERYTHING is a struggle? When you can't even make a decision on what to eat for lunch? But you know you have to eat something or you'll get a screaming headache? It was one of those days. This happens to me when I am TIRED.

I am TIRED of being responsible for everything and everybody.

I am TIRED of hearing "What's for dinner?".

I am TIRED of running Audrey all over town when she's not grateful for the effort.

I am TIRED of constantly having to be innovative and creative.

I am TIRED of salesmen telling me that I will be really sorry if I don't buy their latest fabric line.

I am TIRED of not having the energy to tackle those tasks at work that are unpleasant and therefore remain undone....making me tired all over again.

I am TIRED of dirty dishes in the sink that are not mine.

I am TIRED of wearing my underwear wrong-side-out because my husband couldn't be bothered to turn it right-side-out when folding laundry. You laugh! It happened to me twice this week.

I am TIRED of nagging my child to pick up her room, put up her laundry, do her homework, wear her headgear, fill in the blank.....

I am Woman and I am just TIRED. I know this too will pass and I hate whiners. But somedays I just have to whine or my head will explode. My problem is that I hold it all in and when it does finally come out it is overwhelming. Perhaps a good cry and a bowl of Cap'n Crunch for dinner will help.

Thanks for listening.


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