Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dullsville, USA

When I started blogging in December, I told myself that I would do my best to create a new entry every day. But what do I write about when life is dull, dull, dull?

Work, violin lessons, the grocery store, cooking dinner....blah. I have a quilt loaded on the Gammill, but won't take it's picture until it's done. I did manage to find borders and backing in my stash. Total stash used for the whole quilt will be about 10-1/2 yards. And I didn't open a single drawer....the quilt body came completely out of the 2 bins of pre-cut pieces and the borders/backing came out of the scary-messy closet. This stash reduction-reorganization project is going to take a long time...

I guess it's time to take my dull self to bed. Maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow.

Thanks for staying tuned-


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