Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Fundraiser Block & OT Venting

Here's the block I designed for a fundraiser quilt for the Cross Timbers Youth Orchestra. It will be a signature quilt based on an antique quilt at a local church. Our hope is to have all of the orchestra members sign it. The fundraiser is in March, so I need to get busy.

I began cutting out background and blocks for the applique last night, only to be interrupted by Audrey who wanted to play a game. I relented, so I only got 2 blocks ready to stitch. I'll need to make a total of 16 more before I can begin getting signatures.

On a totally different note, I am a member of a Yahoo group designed to help members use their stash - it's a good thing. There is also a subgroup who have made a "no-buy" pledge. Now, that may seem weird since I make my living sellng fabric. As a shopowner, I know quilters. If they use their stash, odds are that they will need background, borders, backing, etc. and I hope they come to me to fill those needs. Everybody wins.

Well, this morning there was an e-mail from a woman who suggested going to the quilt store, pulling the fabrics for a quilt, doing the math, making a plan, and then putting it all back and buying nothing - just to satisfy a fabric fondling fix and stay true to the "no-buy" pledge. I got sucked in and replied asking for some consideration of the clerk's time if you KNOW you have no intention of spending any money when you walk in the door. Of course, you are welcome in the store and we will help you. If you don't spend a dime, that's okay. But is it fair to expect one-on-one hand-holding for hours if you don't INTEND to buy? It's all about INTENT. I understand indecision. I understand uncertainty. I even understand the need to play with fabric. But I don't understand intentionally wasting a resource. Am I wrong here? I'm doing my best to be everything to all people and still make a living. Within 5 minutes, I receive a flaming e-mail regarding my attitude. Then I felt COMPELLED to explain and further justify my position in this particular situation. I should never have spoken up in the first place. I KNOW better. When will I learn? What do you think? Am I way off base here? Really, I want to know.

Maybe a hot shower will make me feel better.



Anonymous Susan W. said...

I would feel obligated to let the gals working in the shop know that they need not attend to me if I were just 'looking'. I'd feel that way in any shop; if I'm not looking to 'buy', then by all means tend to those who do!

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Pam said...

It's kind of a strange idea in the first place, to go to a place that specifically deals in what you are trying to avoid. On purpose.

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Mary said...

You are definitely not off base in your thinking. The person who goes into a shop to play and doesn't intend to buy anything is really thoughtless and inconsiderate. It is unfair to the shop owner but also to other customers. She is pulling fabric and may have those fabrics sequestered for hours making them unavailable to others for the duration of her visit not to mention involving the staff. Why don't they just stay home and play the game with and fondle their stash.

I also agree with Pam - it is strange going to a place that deals with behavior you're trying to avoid. Like taking an alcholic to a liquor store to looks around and admire the bottles.

Also never try to discuss or reply to a flamer. Their flames are never really about you - it's their own issue. Just delete and back away from the keyboard.

7:04 PM  

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