Monday, January 30, 2006

Houston, We Have A Problem...

Can you figure out what it is?

The glasses broke yesterday, and Russ tried to heal them with superglue. It obviously didn't help. I've only had this pair for 6 months. Now I know why the frames were discontinued and they gave them to me for free. Poor engineering. What this means is that I have no warranty.

Tried wearing the old glasses to work and within the hour had a raging headache working at the computer. It's amazing what a bad bifocal will do to your head.

Went back to Perle Vision to get a new pair ordered. The nice lady there gave me a 25% discount on a new pair and I still had to pay $300! Picked the new ones up after orchestra lesson today and the good news is that I can see again. The bad news is this little expenditure wasn't exactly in the budget. But what's a blind girl to do?

Loaded the Amy Butler quilt on the machine tonight. I don't have any clue why I decided to use the feather meandering panto - I MIGHT get it finished by the end of the week. I love the panto, but I had forgotten how time consuming it is. I guess my subconscious is trying to heal a bad quilt with pretty quilting. I was supposed to be making a tote bag for Audrey, but I left the pattern at work on my desk. I guess I'll start on that tomorrow night. Wait until you see the fabric she picked out.....



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