Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saturday Night Adventure

Last night we went on a family adventure. Russ wanted to go to Greenville to hear one of his singer/songwriter friends who was playing at a BBQ restaurant. So we pile in the car and head 30 miles to Greenville for dinner. Get to the restaurant, and there's only 2 other patrons in the whole place. Where's Mark? Found out there was a death in the family and the gig was cancelled. Had a good meal, tho. To salvage the trip, we stopped at Hastings - the Hastings in McKinney closed several years ago. They were having a one-day sale on all used DVDs. Picked up these 3 movies for less than 20 bucks. Not bad, huh?

This picture is for Sarah. We were having a discussion yesterday about the merit of leaders and enders. Sarah is yet to be converted. I am trying to convince her that this is really a good way to maximize limited sewing time, as well as slog your way through those quilts that have a jillion pieces that become monotonous. You can almost get two quilt tops made in the time you would take to make one. Here is my set-up for my current leader/ender project. All the pieces are sorted by size and value. It's kind of a mess right now because I've been sewing on something else today, but when I clean up for the night, everything will be tidied up. The KEY to a successful leader/ender project is to have everything right at your fingertips . If it's out and convenient, you can also make progress on this project if you only have 5 or 10 minutes to sew. This little TV tray is set up next to my sewing machine table. This little table also does double duty as a pressing station if I'm working on something like string pieceing that needs to be ironed between each step.

I've finished the quilt top that I've been working on all week. I just need to stay-stitch the edges since it doesn't have borders. It's also almost time for Gray's Anatomy - my Sunday night guilty pleasure.



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