Friday, February 03, 2006

Another One Done

Finished quilting on the Amy Butler mish mash quilt yesterday. It's okay - the best thing about it is I used 4 yards out of my stash to make it. I think this one is going to Juarez too.

Here's a photo of the back - I love the colors (which don't translate as well digitally) - magenta and pukey green.

After binding that quilt, I made the last 5 blocks for my leader/ender project ("Best Friends" by Trudie Hughes). Here's what the top half of the quilt body looks like.

It has a log cabin/barn raising effect. Man! Are there some ancient, bugly (our contraction for "butt ugly") fabrics in it, but hey - once it's finished, there will be another empty container. I'll have to go on an archaeological dig in the closet to see if I have anything for borders/backing. That may take a while.

On today's note - remember me telling you how stupid Sophie the cat is? Well, I couldn't find her last night, so she spent the night outside. I couldn't find her this morning, either. I called Russ at work and asked him if he'd seen her. Yep. She was on the sidewalk when he left. I can hear her crying....where is she? She's under the house. It's raining. She's not smart enough to realize that she CAN get back out through the hole she got IN. After several attempts to get her out (and me getting soaked), I finally had to leave to come to work. I put a small bowl of food on the back steps should she finally figure her way out. At this rate, I'll never get Russ to quit calling her "Dumb**s". But she is cute....



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