Thursday, January 05, 2006

Freezer Paper is my Friend

I began working on my signature quilt blocks last night. When designing this quilt, I knew that I would machine applique the blocks because hand applique would take too long. But I didn't want to use fusible web because I didn't want the quilt to be stiff as a board. How could I solve this problem in a slick way that wouldn't take me forever? Freezer paper to the rescue! I first traced my design on freezer paper and ironed it onto the applique fabric.

I then cut it out, leaving the freezer paper on the shape. Now, how to temporarily adhere the shape to the background before buttonhole stitching? Basting Spray!

I brought home a box from work to use as my spray booth. Basting spray is a wonderful product, but it gets everywhere. By placing my shapes in the box, I can contain the area of overspray and keep my floors and surfaces sticky-free.

I then place the spray-basted shape on the background and peeled off the freezer paper. The block is now ready to buttonhole stitch by machine.

I've completely finished 6 blocks and have 3 or 4 more in various states of completion. I need a total of 17 and then I will design a logo block for the center of the quilt. I'll worry about that after I hand off the blocks for signatures. I'm already getting tired of the blocks, but I must keep focus! I'd like to hand them off by mid-January.

As to my rant from yesterday, thank you for your comments and support. My husband (who lives in a very black and white world - no shades of gray) felt like the whole situation was dishonest in concept. I'm not so sure about that, but the more posts I read from this woman (on a variety of topics), I realized that she is somewhat misguided in her thinking. (Now, wasn't that a nice way of saying she's an idiot?) I can only be responsible for my own actions and words, and I rose to her bait. That was my fault. Can I help it if I am very passionate about my business and wish to protect it?

On an upside, we were very busy yesterday and I ended up helping a very novice quilter (read: somewhat clueless) and she left very happy with the service she received from me - she said so out loud. I guess I am not always a capitalist pig. Good to know.



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